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For a new membership application or renewal application please scroll down
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Membership dues are as follows:

Membership Prices
   1 Year 2 Years  3 Years 
 $20.00 $55.00  $80.00
 Canada $20.00  $71.00  $104.00 
 Overseas $20.00  $81.00  $119.00 

If paying by mail, please mail all dues to:
Police Car Owners Of America

1106 Lafayette
Story City, IA 50248

Now submit a new members application or renewal application (below) and
pay dues ONLINE.  For all applications you will be directed to the
webstore after you submit your application.   Or you can click HERE to download 
and mail in your application and payment.


Membership Application

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First time membership packages include:

1 PCOOA Membership Card

1 PCOOA Window Decal

1 PCOOA Fridge Magnet

Bi-Annual PCOOA newsletter (The Rapsheet)

 *Please allow up to 2 weeks for ID card and new members packet to arrive.

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