President's Corner

Growing up in rural eastern Nebraska, I was the eldest of two sons.  My father was a long-term employee (36 years) of Northern Natural Gas Company and my mother returned to work later in life and was a nurse in a local care facility.  My brother is married and is a mechanical engineer for Boeing in Seattle, Washington.  Cindy (my wife) and I have been married for 29 years.  She works at Iowa State University in the College of Engineering.  Our daughter, Elizabeth, is married and has a beautiful five-month old daughter of her own.  They live close so we get to be with them often.

I attended Midland Lutheran College and majored in Criminal Justice and remained at Midland after college and developed and directed their first Campus Security program.  I began my law enforcement career with the Fremont, Nebraska Police Department as a reserve officer and attended the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center.  Beginning my career as a reserve I have a unique perspective and respect for their value.  In 1976, I moved to Ames, Iowa and began my full-time law enforcement career with the Iowa State University Campus Police and attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.  "Go Cyclones"!  After ten years at ISU (rank of Lieutenant), I became a senior police officer for my city of residence (Story City) for five years.  Then moved on to my present position as Director of Public Safety at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines where I have been for 22 years.  As I began contemplating retirement about eight years ago, I decided to look for a position for supplemental income that would benefit my retirement plan.  I was able to locate a police chief's position in a small rural town located in the south east corner of Marshall County.  I served in that position for five years before making a lateral transfer to State Center and served as sergeant for three years before requesting a reclassification to reserve officer earlier this year.  I thought after eight years of working every Friday and Saturday night it was time to spend more time with family, friends, a new granddaughter and Police Car Owners of America

I have a very strong emotional support for law enforcement and little patience for detractors.  Please be warned that as the past president and founder did, I, too, have ZERO TOLERANCE for impersonators, want-to-bees or anyone that would bring discredit to law enforcement or the Police Car Owners of America.

          My best to you and your families,
                President Norm Spurlock
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